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Endorsements and Accolades

A distinguished group of Show Business and Comedy World professionals laud Joe Lauer and highly recommend you join him for a unique and insightful encounter with Comedy.

Chris Albrecht
CEO of Starz Networks and former Chairman and CEO of HBO

"When I met Joe Lauer in 1973, he was already one of the premiere comedy managers in the business. Throughout the decades he has increasingly become even more expert on the subject of comedy and comedians. He developed into a great storyteller because he associated with great storytellers. No one knows comedy better then Joe."

Richard Belzer
"The Comedians Comedian” and the longest running character in the history of Prime Time TV playing John Munch on both Homicide and Law & Order SVU for 21 seasons

"I had the good fortune to meet Joe Lauer at the beginning of my career and can honestly say that his insights and counsel were and are invaluable to me to this very day… His knowledge and reverence for what comedy is and does to our collective imaginations is unparalleled. Whether as story teller, teacher or historian Joe Lauer has it all… Because of his affiliation with many of the most important comedians who in their wisdom welcomed him into their inner circle Joe Lauer is the ideal person to convey the lifeblood of our culture's sense of humor in an informative and hilarious repertoire of laughs that any audience will be most grateful to experience."

Danny Bilson
Director, Producer, Writer / Film, TV & Video Games The Flash, The Rocketeer etc.

"Joe Lauer knows comedy. Joe Lauer knows comedians. I think Joe Lauer knows everybody."

Lewis Black
Comedian, Playwright / The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

"I've known Joe Lauer for years... He knows Comedy. He's seen it all and knows it all. He understands what works and what doesn't ... He gets it!"

Billy Crystal

Nine time Host of the Academy Awards and uniquely talented Actor, Writer, Producer and Comedian

"Joe Lauer is a very funny man who knows a lot about comedy that you don't.…now find out what you don't know."

Larry David
Comic Auteur, Star and creator of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Co-creator of Seinfeld, with Jerry Seinfeld

"When I was a young comic the person whom I most trusted for creative and business advice was my manager, Joe Lauer. It was always comforting to walk into a club and see Joe, holding forth. Joe was a comedy maven. Every night after my shows, he would dissect and edit my act. When I bombed (which was frequent) he would always get me back on keel with a great anecdote about Lenny Bruce or Richard Pryor or some other comic whom he knew or worked with. I owe him a huge debt of gratitude. Better that than money."

Paul De Meo
Producer, Screenwriter / Film, TV and Video Games including The Flash & The Rocketeer

"If you're searching for laughs, search no further than Joe Lauer. Simply put, he knows comedy from the inside out."

Budd Friedman
Founder of the Improvisation iconic home of modern Comedy - Celebrating its 50th Anniversary

"I have fond memories of one of the Improv's very first "regulars" I watched with great pleasure as Joe Lauer discovered and guided the careers of many outstanding acts. Two acts that I particularly took pleasure in seeing every time Joe brought them in to try out material was the preeminent political satirist and impressionist, David Frye. David was a difficult and trying person, but Joe used all his managerial prowess to keep David on the straight and narrow, guiding him for many years to an extremely successful career. Joe also handled a merry band of sketch players dubbed the "Ace Trucking Company". If you think managing one person is difficult (and it is) try it with a group of five or six. And yet, Joe carried it off for years with great aplomb. Joe has a terrific comedic background and supreme knowledge on the subject of comedy, if anyone knows where the laughs are, it's Joe Lauer!" "

Bob Kaminsky
Executive Producer, Co-creator - Kennedy Center Mark Twain Prize for American Humor

"When spending any amount of time with Joe Lauer you don't have to go to very far "In Search of Laughs". You can tell that he knows his stuff. He is the real deal."

Norman Stiles
Former Head Writer of Sesame Street

"I thank my lucky stars for listening to Joe Lauer whenever I look at my 14 Emmys..."

Jay Leno
Host of NBC's legendary The Tonight Show

"When I first got into Show Business they said go to the source… the source was Joe Lauer."

Mark Lonow
Producer, Playwright, Co-owner of the World Famous Improvisation

"After 35 plus years in the stand-up comedy business if I hear someone hasn't listened to a Joe Lauer critique about their act I know I just discovered an idiot. Joe knows how to help people get to their own kind of funny."

Rick Newman
Created and established Catch a Rising Star, the legendary New York forum which launched the careers of many of America's most popular comedians and comedy writers.

"I've known Joe Lauer since I opened Catch a Rising Star in 1972. I have continuously valued Joe's astute, sharp knowledge and awareness of all types of comedy, from stand-up to sketch to TV and film, always knowing where the comedy is ... or where it was needed.

Eventually, our careers crossed paths and for many enjoyable, and entertaining years we worked closely as business associates. So I know that when it comes to creating, programming and producing a show there is no one better equipped to make the smartest and funniest decisions than Joe Lauer.

Joe knows how to put on a show and how to present comedy. He's what we call in Show Business a true 'Showman'

Now, stepping out from back stage and from behind the curtain, an audience gets to see inside Joe's thinking and see his vision of what it really takes to make an audience laugh."

Paul Provenza
Comedian, Filmmaker, Director The Aristocrats, Co-Creator Producer Set List: Stand Up Without A Net

"Throughout my three plus decades in comedy Joe Lauer has been a constant presence, and always ahead of the pack in finding unique, ground-breaking talent - and then helping nurture them to full potential. Joe connects with artists in a way few can, and now being an entertainer in his own right, his stories enthrall many of the greatest entertainers in the world on a daily basis. In short, Joe is a legend among legends."

Rebecca Reynolds
HBO Writer, Producer Arliss, Assume the Position, Traverse City Comedy Festival

"Joe Lauer's one-man show is a funny, intimate and behind-the-scenes tell-all about the close-knit and crazy world of comedy.  A life spent as a respected insider among the brightest, funniest talents of our time has given Joe enough material to put on yet another smart and funny show -- his own.  Lauer has proven time and time again that he has perfect pitch when it comes to producing comedy for the stage and screen. Having spent decades producing and managing stellar comic talent, Not only does Joe Lauer "know from funny," he also knows how to put on an amazing show to back it up."

Allan Havey
A stand out stand-up comedian, writer and actor. Appears on “Louie” and Guest Stars as Lou Avery on “Madmen”

When I was a young comic, I had the talent but no direction. After signing with Joe Lauer as my Manager I finally got off the bench. With his expertise and guidance, my career took off. Multiple Letterman appearances, two HBO specials, several films and over 400 episodes of my talk show NIGHT AFTER NIGHT on Comedy Central with Joe calling the shots. Through the murky and mercurial world of Show Business his experience and know how is a guiding light. For thirty years, he has been the go to guy for many professionals who ask themselves, "I wonder what Joe Lauer thinks?"

Bob Zmuda
Creator, Executive Producer of Comic Relief, the Comedy World's official charity

"When I created Comic Relief with Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg, and Robin Wiliiams, the first person I consulted was Joe Lauer, a Master of Comedy and Comedians with great taste, sense of humor, creativity and knowledge of just what it takes to make a great comedy extravaganza. Joe Lauer is the perfect curator for a Comedy Film Festival and a study of the Art of Comedy. He's been an adviser to Comic Relief for over 25 years, and I would not think of mounting a show without him."

Alan Zweibel
Emmy award winning TV writer, James Thurber Prize winning novelist, Tony award winning playwright, All-Around Overachiever.

"Joe Lauer is that rare breed who's an expert about what makes people laugh with the ability to share it with audiences in a very informative, entertaining and memorable way. I would go anywhere to see "In Search of Laughs" – especially if he comps me a ticket."
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