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About Joe Lauer

Joe Lauer is a well-known and respected Show Business executive. He has been a principal player in the world of comedy playing an active role as part of the birth of the Comedy Club movement and has been there from the historical beginnings of contemporary comedy as he discovered, managed, coached and produced some of our finest, funniest comedy talent including Larry David, Richard Belzer, and Political Satirists Vaughn Meader (JFK), David Frye (Nixon, LBJ) who is credited with paving the way for the SNL political impressions and Jim Morris (Reagan, the Bushes, Clinton and Obama).

Joe perceptively brought improvisational comedy into the mainstream with the “Ace Trucking Company” which included Fred Willard, turning their stunning comedy talents into an instant and recurring hit on The Tonight Show.

Joe’s smash comedy album “Everything You Always Wanted to know About the Godfather but…Don’t Ask”, making fun of Francis Ford Coppola’s “The Godfather” continues to sell as does the U.S. Comedy Team, his touring show comprising the Comedians selected as Best of the Year, currently readying the 2019-20 Tour.

Lauer also served as the President of Pet Fly Productions a successful TV, Film and Video Game production company formed by Danny Bilson, Paul DeMeo and Lauer which produced network TV action adventure dramas for ABC, CBS, NBC, Warner, Disney and Paramount including the respected original television version of the classic DC comic book “The Flash”, and among other films the motion picture version of the “The Rocketeer” still considered by critics the best translation of a Graphic Novel to film. They rounded out their transmedia activity in Video Games for Electronic Arts and THQ including the Harry Potter, Medal of Honor, and the James Bond franchises as well as serving as co-producers breaking new ground on the formative hit video game “The Sims”.

Since its creation by HBO Joe Lauer has served as a consultant to the comedy world’s official charity Comic Relief which has raised and distributed over $70 million in direct health care services to Homeless men, women, and children throughout the United States. He has been a member of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences as well as Costco.

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