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 About In Search of Laughs


Experience this exceptional one-man show from comedy insider Joe Lauer. In Search of Laughs is an assemblage of a master craftsman's perspective on this art as illustrated through enthralling tales, select performance clips of brilliantly funny, world class comedians and writers, with tips on how folks can leverage the power of humor into their own lives.

Revered and respected by the industry's most iconic names for knowing what it takes to get laughs, this one-man-show is an uproarious collective of Joe Lauer's life's work. He shares a unique behind-the-scenes glimpse of the world of comedy treating the audience to a deeper appreciation for the art of comedy while making them laugh.

What's more fun than something irresistibly funny, something that has you belly laughing so hard that you think you're about to hurt yourself? Joe Lauer couldn't get enough of "that delicious feeling" so he determined to immerse himself into the heart and soul of professional laughs, the part of Show Business that champions the creation, development and perfection of great comedy and he literally got to do it in the company of the future Royalty of Comedy.

 In Search of Laughs - A One Man Comedy Festival

Joe's history is indeed unique – one that can be defined as a hunt for great comedy while playing the roles of Producer, Manager and Coach of Comedy and Comedians. Among the inner circle of the industry's greatest comedic names, Joe is known as the Comedy Whisperer – due to his innate technical skills in the world of getting laughs.

During In Search of Laughs, Joe paints the picture of what makes funny… …funny. He shares an insider's point-of-view of show business through showcasing some of the comedic treasures he's found, and imparting stories that recount captivating encounters with comedy's elite – many of whom he advised, and many of whom are good friends to this day.

"I think that Comedy is like Jazz," says Lauer, "Laughter also holds the rhythms of life…which is why everybody's looking for laughs."

 A Unique Encounter with Comedy

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