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Endorsements and Accolades

Jay Leno
"When I first got into Show Business they said go to the source… the source was Joe Lauer."

Larry David
"When I was a young comic the person whom I most trusted for creative and business advice was my manager, Joe Lauer."

Billy Crystal
"Joe Lauer is a very funny man who knows a lot about comedy that you don't."

Lewis Black
"Joe knows Comedy. He
understands what works and what doesn't ... He gets it!"

Richard Belzer
"The most important comedians welcomed him into their inner circle... Joe Lauer is the ideal person to convey the lifeblood of our culture's
sense of humor."


In Search of Laughs  
A One Man Comedy Festival
An Evening Created and Hosted
by Joe Lauer

A Unique Encounter with Comedy
A joyful laugh packed entertainment from the world of comedy. Tracing in story, film and video, Joe Lauer's Lust for Laughs and America's vital, almost desperate romance with Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Fun and Laughter.

Joe Lauer tells tales of his passionate and lifelong adventure hunting for great Comedy - just like the heroic quests of explorers like Christopher Columbus, Lewis and Clark, Masters and Johnson and Captain Geoffrey T. Spaulding. Joe Lauer has actually lived with, endured - and survived the agony and the ecstasy of Comedy as a Producer, Manager and Coach of Comedy and Comedians.

In Search of Laughs
A One Man Comedy Festival

Now Joe showcases some of the treasures he's found and collected in his laugh filled entertaining One-Man Comedy Festival: In Search of Laughs. Joe tells the stories he can't get out of his head. His stories include friends, clients, super stars, and the celebrity encounters that famously seem to electrify life in show business, crossing paths with Frank Sinatra, Johnny Carson, Larry David, Groucho Marx, and a surprisingly funny President George H.W. Bush, to name just a fascinating few.

Joe Lauer's In Search of Laughs is a night of hilarity, treating the audience to a deeper and fascinating appreciation for the art of comedy while also illustrating how you can bring the power of humor and fun to your business and personal life.

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